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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Angling for Elk

Thar' She Blows!


Angling for elk could be the hottest new sport since alligator wrestling!  Hook up with one of these trophies and get ready for the fight of your life. Scientifically designed zircon encrusted Kevlar coated Velcro lures attach to the elk with an 8,000 lb test Spectra mainline. You’re strapped to the detachable skid-mounted fighting seat so that when you snag one of these beauties you’ll be on a scenic high speed chase through the only temperate rainforest wilderness in America.  Once or if the elk tires you simply throw out the grappling hook to slow down enough to where the real adventure begins, unhooking the elk.  This is a 100% catch and release fair chase fishery, I mean hunting opportunity.

You’ll need

Crash Helmet, body armor, first aid kit. 

Special group rates available

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